​​Private clubs tend to attract like-minded members. A place at the lake can mean different things to different people. Our club, through it's documents, helps ensure our members are compatible as how they wish to utilize their lake retreats. Know who your neighbors will be and how they will behave before you arrive. No live ins. No sub-letting. No sending people to "use" any unit when the owners are away. Our members will use their units for their sole pleasure only.

Anyone that constantly offends or annoys can be voted out by 7 votes with 6 cast by members and the deciding vote by management. If any 6 members formally request that we deny renewing another’s lease, we will likely honor that request. We feel that if a member has become so annoying that 6 members frequently complain and if our attempts to solve the issue are unsuccessful, it mandates action.    

New Clubhouse for Members

We are changing. After operating primarily as an vacation RV park open to the public we are changing how and with whom we are doing business. Our small park already has so much to offer. We have more amenities and are continuously renovating. The lake water r

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Security, Privacy, Compatible Members

For Membership Information Call (910) 876-9010

​​Why a Private Club?

Our old arcade built back in the 60's will become our new multipurpose building and clubhouse. Planned renovations include an air conditioned adult lounge overlooking the swimming pool and lake. A fully functional stage and dance floor with seating for 160 will host special events in the off-season. The most commanding views of the lake awaits you up on The Upper Deck which is located on our waterfront. This is our giant second story sundeck and Cabana with free internet and cable TV!

Between our piers, the covered waterfront patio, our deck area around our pool and spacious clubhouse, the perfect spot awaits you.

Come and explore. Meet with us and see for yourself the difference between just renting a lot and joining our club.