"The Only Way To Gain

Membership Is To Lease a Site." 

​​​​​​​​​A membership here is so much more than just a rental lot! Our membership is mostly self-regulating.  Management and members adhere to the same policies. We have more amenities with fewer people. Find your special space here!                  

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Membership Means More!

​Don't Become A Number!

​Become A Member!

Recently, we have converted into a private club and offer the only water front swimming pool at any RV park. Never over-crowded, we offer more space per family, a huge pier and second story sundeck, nothing else compares. There are only 64 full memberships available and less than 10 available.

Call, then come see us. 

(910) 876-0910

Our paperwork defines who we are and what we do. Stop just paying rent! Memberships are limited. Over 90% of our spaces are already leased.

​Join the MBC family of lake lovers!

Don't just rent a lot. Truly become part of a private community where you have a voice. Don't become a number, become a member. 

We're Changing the very nature of our park. We are renovating and becoming more exclusive! 

Come and meet us. Our members are what makes us whole. With no permanent residents or full timers, we are not cluttered or crowded.

We are accepting membership applications now!

Our vacation club is private and unique which sets us apart. We don't try to appeal to everyone but target  lake lovers. Our application and referral process protects our existing members by carefully screening new applicants.

We Only Have 69 Sites Available so we only have 69 memberships available total.

​​​​ White Lake's Only  Private Membership Club!

    Club Rules

We support our members and protect their investments. 

Our rules are based on common sense. The purpose of our club is to fill our membership with like-minded lake lovers. We all wish: 

To first have fun, promote community security and exclusiveness with cohesion among like-minded and compatible members.

Our members take pride in the appearance of their units. We strive to protect those investments by scheduling regular maintenance and screening prospects to ensure a family oriented atmosphere.